If you’re looking for the quick-fix solution to becoming a better leader, there isn’t one.

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Get Ready for September!

How do leaders at all levels prepare to lead in this new – hybrid – normal?
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Are You Happy with Your Life?

“Are you happy with your life?” It’s the question Marta and I asked each other as we recently drove the eight hours from Charlottesville down…
checklist of healthy leadership rituals

Leaders, Stay Resilient

Leaders can’t afford to be on autopilot when it comes to taking care of themselves.
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How Are You Coming Back?

Whether or not you had a break, how are you coming back to reality here in September?

Leaders – Take A Break!

Half my conversations with leaders this week have included talk about the toll this new normal is taking on them. Threatening words like “red-lining,” “burnout”…

New! New! New!

Good afternoon Leaders and Friends! I don’t usually message you on Saturdays, but thought the contents of this message might enhance your weekend. These days…

Work From Home Checklist

Everyone’s putting out their list for how to WFH (Work From Home). Here’s mine, for leaders: #1 – Re-connect with your purpose. If others call…

What Leaders Do when Times are Scary

This morning, I received two emails at the same time – around 6:30 am. One was from Ed Bastion, CEO of Delta Airlines. The second…